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Professional Development Plan for Teachers

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Storm Educational Enterprises, Inc. offers professional development in education to give teachers the tools and confidence to help their students succeed in the classroom. We provide schools and districts with trainings that have been customized to fit their particular needs. Best results occur when initial training is followed up by our on-site coaching services.

Professional Development and Coaching for Literacy

Write Up A Storm!® provides support through professional development, demonstration lessons, and coaching for all levels of personnel: district-level administrators, principals, leaders, teachers, and support staff.

In an effort to maximize instructional time and increase student achievement, not only should teachers receive effective professional development plans on Write Up A Storm!®, teachers must also exercise research-based best practices and instructional strategies. While it is important to implement a systematic writing program, it is also important to ensure that teachers are delivering the information with the utmost efficiency and effectiveness, which is why we provide coaching in addition to professional development. Impacting student learning is the aim.

A Smart Solution to a Common Teaching Problem

With the growing demand of numerous writing standards, teachers often feel overwhelmed and are not sure how to organize and meet all these standards. As a result, instruction is often isolated and fragmented. Our professional development program offers strategies and plans to weave together multiple standards and specific skills to optimize instructional time.

Our proprietary, research-based reading and writing program spirals horizontally throughout the school year, avoiding the isolated lesson syndrome. It also spirals vertically from grade level to grade level — from kindergarten through 12th grade — building on itself as it goes. Information is chunked into manageable pieces as the rigor grows and becomes more complex.

The Write Up A Storm!® system provides instructions for building competent, confident writers. This comprehensive system aligns with Common Core Writing Standards, including sub-components such as:

  • Writing Process
  • A variety of Text Types (e.g., Argumentative, Opinion, Explanatory, Informational, Narrative)
  • Elements of Writing

Learn what Write Up A Storm!® can do for your school or district!

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