Professional Development Coaching for Teachers

Customized Teacher Training Courses

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Our ongoing educational coaching service is one of the most powerful tools we offer, as it provides opportunities to reinforce learned skills as well as provide support as changes arise. Our seasoned trainers come to the classroom and provide individualized support for teachers that includes constructive feedback as well as in-class modeling. We customize our services to fit the needs of your school or district. Continued coaching throughout the school year is proven to assist in teacher growth and student achievement.

Helping Teachers Teach Our Program

Storm Educational Enterprises, Inc. offers not only professional development in literacy through our Write Up A Storm!® program, but we also provide the support needed to help teachers use it effectively. We implement cognitive and reflective coaching to increase teacher competence and confidence.

Our educational coaching includes both staff training activities and staff support activities. Research has shown that most teachers require experimentation, classroom-based modeling, and other follow-up support to go successfully from workshop to practice — all of which is offered by Storm Educational Enterprises, Inc. Additionally, we help teachers overcome and move beyond the anxiety of initial failures.

Learn what Write Up A Storm!® can do for your school or district!

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