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In Their Own Words

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For years, we have made a business out of 100 percent word-of-mouth marketing. We have done almost no advertising of any kind. It is testimonies like those below that have fueled our business and success for decades.

Ashley Vasquez, Resource Teacher

“Since our school made the decision to partner with Write Up A Storm! ®, we have seen dramatic achievement gains in our English Language Learner, low-income and special needs populations.  Write Up A Storm! procedures, routines and structures have allowed our students to become confident readers, writers and speakers. Write Up A Storm! turnaround feedback allows our teachers to receive differentiated professional development that is both meaningful and purposeful.”

Barbara Jacobsen, 3rd Grade Teacher

“I have been teaching for over three decades, and this is the first time I feel like I have strategies and a plan to help my students become great writers!”

Annie Boulytchev, 5th Grade Teacher

“As a first year teacher in a school with a high percentage of English Language Learners, Write Up A Storm!® writing program has equipped me with the tools needed to teach all of my students the organization of writing as well as content. With every lesson, I see my students’ writing improve.”

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