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Additional Consulting Services

Classroom Data Collection

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To evaluate the results of our program development and coaching efforts, our consultants monitor and report on the levels of implementation and the degree of effectiveness with which teachers are implementing writing practices. This data may be used for reflection, re-teaching, planning, and goal-setting.

Instructional Best Practices

Teachers receive professional development learning in research-based strategies that have been proven to increase student achievement. These strategies include, but are not limited to, student engagement, active learning, classroom management, cognitive levels, and pacing. This professional development weaves best practices together with the Write Up A Storm!® curriculum learning.


Our Write Up A Storm!® Foundation Course is the research-based Lesson Plans and Activities to Increase Writing Proficiency K – 12©. This guidebook provides teachers with instructions for building competent and confident writers. Professional development attendees are provided with a grade-level Write Up A Storm!® teacher’s manual containing instructions and lesson plans for the entire school year.

Assessment Development

The professionals at Storm Educational Enterprises, Inc. provide direction for district-wide and school-site writing assessments and scoring calibrations.

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