Wilda Storm

Creator / Founder

Wilda Storm is the founder of Storm Educational Enterprises and is the creator of Write Up A Storm!®, a K – 12 literacy system with an emphasis on writing. She is a published author of over 20 research-based educational books that are in use in hundreds of classrooms in many states. Her passion and specialties lie in literacy, which has motivated her to develop several research-based strategies that have proven to result in student gains, such as close reading and text-dependent writing, English language development, diverse learning, and many more. With these strategies, she has seen teachers and students flourish and thrive over time. 

Wilda has 36 years of experience in education — from kindergarten and high school students to adults. With more than 21 years of experience as a presenter and a trainer, she is also an educational consultant and a cognitive coach. She has been a presenter at numerous educational conferences including ASCD, California Reading Association, West Coast Literacy Association, CABE, Orange County Reading Association, Hawaiian International Reading Association, and more. She has trained several hundred teachers in the Write Up A Storm!® system.

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